In a recent interview Paul was asked if it were possible for him to make an estimate as to how many pieces of work he has made during his time as a practising potter; difficult ask but, after some hasty research and calculation, he came with an approximate figure of 250,000.This figure included sales to shops, galleries and exhibitions in the UK as well as worldwide. Many of these pieces will have gone to owners who know very little about the artist and although having a recognisably distinctive style some of his work does not fall into the category that he himself describes as his “standard range”.

Recognition of much of Paul’s pottery can be difficult and to help those who wish to collect and identify his work, pictured to the right is a small representative selection. It is hoped that it will show some aspects of his astonishingly wide range of works.

From the outset of his business all of the pottery that Paul has produced has been stamped with an artists identification mark, symbol or monogram. It is very rare that a date would have been added.

Much of Paul’s most recent work is uploaded regularly onto his Facebook site.
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Gallery last updated: 15/6/13